Pastillas Girl Angelica Yap and Ex-Batallion Member Flow-G’s “24Hour Jowa Challenge” Gone Viral

Nowadays, making YouTube vlogs is so in.
Vloggers doing different challenges for their content as for their viewers.

Do you guys remember “Pastillas Girl”?
Angelica Yap rose to popularity after she became part of “It’s Showtime” as “Pastillas Girl” in 2015. Numerous opportunities came her way after her stint in the noontime show. Today, though she might not be visible on TV, Angelica has been keeping her fans updated about her whereabouts via social media. She has been traveling lately and even graced the cover of a men’s magazine.


A definite far cry from the heartbroken girl who once caught the sympathy of Filipinos, Angelica Jane Yap, otherwise known as “Pastillas Girl,” is now on the cover of FHM Philippines.

She shares the December feature with model Debbie Garcia and sees her flashing some serious skin in nothing but her undergarments, it was released in the year 2017.


She is also a vlogger now.

One challenge that she made for her content is the so-called “24 hours Jowa Challenge” with the Ex-Batallion member known as Flow-G.

The said vlog content goes viral as netizens find their sweetness was overloaded while doing the challenge.


The other member of the group Ex-Batallion was also in the video, as they are so supportive in the challenge their co-member is doing and they making fun of it.

As the real couple’s habit, Angelica Yap (Pastillas Girl) takes care of his “Boyfriend” Archie Dela Cruz (Flow-G)


She prepared some snacks for him, take him to shower and showered him like a baby.

As Dela Cruz said, he wishes that it’s not only for a day that they’ll become a couple, he wishes that it can last forever because Yap caresses him so well and maybe he’ll be looking for it as the day goes by.

And as the challenge ended, they bid each other goodbye and thankful for the day that spent so well.


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