Take a Look In Camille Prats’s Family-Owned School!

Most of you have watched this Glam-O-Mama grow up on your television screen. Camille Prats-Linsangan has been in the entertainment industry since she was a toddler 29 years ago since her debut as Little Miss Philippines on Eat Bulaga in 1990. This makes Camille a showbiz veteran at the ripe young age.

Being an actress is not the only thing that defines her. In fact, there are many layers to this talented woman, one of which is being a devoted mother to her sons.


The fickle state of the entertainment industry is no secret, one day you’re the flavor and the next you’re out. When Camille was pregnant, she decided to be not only smart but proactive so she completed a Montessori course in Canada. She wanted something secure and stable for her to do not just for herself but for her family as well. Camille knew life would never be the same once her bundle of joy arrived.

Discovering a passion for teaching and children, she put up her school Divine Angels Montessori in Cainta.

Together with her brother John Prats, the two marked a business milestone with the groundbreaking of their school.

The school is the brainchild of Camille as John Prats shared.


“Si Camille ‘yung mas active sa buong core ng school kasi siya ‘yung may background pero kami, ‘yung family, kami ‘yung investors,” he explained

The place where the school build is originally their dad’s old office. They renovated it and made three to four classrooms.

It started with three teachers and sometimes Camille also teaches the student. They started small then later on their whole family invested.

Camille always loved acting. She grew up doing that, but as she grew older she developed this love for children.


She knew that she doesn’t forever last in the showbiz industry, that is why she decided to put up a school and invested most of her earnings there.


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