A Young Boy Sells Balut To Support Himself In School Touches The Heart Of Netizens.

Whether we like it or not, not everyone is rich and could easily afford to have all the things they want for life, including completing an education.

But it is said that poverty should never be used as an excuse not to succeed in life because there are always other options you can try.



The internet may be full of issues that can raise your hackles but you’ve got to admit that there are also a wealth of inspiring stories being shared online on a daily basis.

Take for example this kid in Marikina who was still selling balut at around 12 am in the morning.


He was too tired and sleepy after a busy night selling balut, but this young boy goes for his determination to sell his goods even if that meant resting for a while before going off again to find customers at dawn.

A Facebook user named Areane Reanoga Tabalan who shared the story of the young balut vendor who later identified as Jerahmeel Dela Cruz, called “Memeng” by his neighbors living at Paradise, Malanday in Marikina City.

A Grade 7 student who often stays out late just to earn some money to support himself in school.


According to the viral post, it was already so late, the boy should already be home and he has to be in school at 7 am. But because he still had some balut left to sell, the boy refused to go home because he wanted to make sure he could sell as many as he could, he even hopes the balut would be sold out faster so he could go home and take a rest.

Netizens were touched by this boy’s determination, with many calling on the local government to provide him with scholarship. Others said that perhaps netizens should send the kid some money to help him in school so he wouldn’t have to stay up so late just to sell balut.


This kid is truly an inspiration not only to other children but to adults as well.


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