A Generous Girl Let An Engineering Student To Fall Asleep In Her Shoulder.

One of the many unspoken codes of public transportation, perhaps the most crucial is this: Keep, as much as possible, to yourself. The ride—on the train, on the subway, on the bus—may be full of familiar strangers; politeness and pragmatism, however, tend to emphasize the “stranger” over the familiar. Why interact with other people when you can, for the good of all aboard, ignore them?

Admit it, that when someone slides or lean on your shoulder while traveling you will get upset instantly.


But the story of this woman is different. She chooses not to wake up an engineering student because it looks like so tired.

A netizen named Kate Alab-ab shares her experience in public utility transportation.


She said that she agreed to be a “shoulder to lean on” literally on her co-passenger because she understands his situation.

“Lend a shoulder to lean on. Dear kuyang taga-Mapua, feel free to lean on me. Alam kong hindi biro ang college and knowing na taga-Mapua ka pa. I’m sure engineering course ka. Fighting, kuya, ipasa at tapusin mo ang course mo!”
Ps..sana gaanan mo ng konti ulo mo ang bigat e.” her caption reads.

She also shared that this was not the first time some stranger fell asleep in her shoulders.


“Year 2018, I did the same thing. But that time, babae ang naka-lean sa akin. Based on my observation, working na si ate. Some of the comments (say) g’wapo si koyang taga-Mapua kaya hinayaan kong sumandal. But my point is, it is not about the looks, it is about how you act as a human,” she said to further clarify the purpose of what she did.

Her tweet gone viral and gathered almost 2400 retweets and 26,900 favorites as of this writing.


It also reached the engineering student and thanked her for the generosity of what she did.

“Sorry po, miss. Hindi na napigilan ang antok. Thank you po,” the said student commented who later known as David Olaso.


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