An Asian Man Shares How He Got His Family’s Approval Of Marrying His African Girlfriend.

Living in a multi-racial society such as Malaysia, there will be times when we find ourselves attracted to people of different races. Sometimes, there’ll be disapproval from the parents as they think that interracial relationships will never work out due to the difference in cultures, etc.

A love story shared to the worldwide phenomenon who known as the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group, where millions of Asians congregate, has blown up for how sweet it is.


A newly-married Asian man shared on social media how his father eventually learned to accept his African wife.

Clarence Tan, a half Hongkonger and half Singaporean man living in the United States, recently tied the knot with his girlfriend Edna Sophia, a woman from Ghana, West Africa.


However, the relationship was far from smooth sailing because Tan’s father was initially unwilling to give them his blessings.

In his post, Tan detailed some of the challenges they faced.

Tan said that some of the things his father told him were “hurtful”.


According to Tan, his father thought that the difference in culture would result in lots of conflicts between them, which is bad for marriage.

His father also claimed that the relationship would be “bad for business”, especially if he intended to work in Asia.


Due to these reasons, Tan’s father apparently told him not to expect his blessings and added that he may not show up at the wedding.

Tan said that he got into a lot of arguments with Sophia because of these tensions.

However, determined to get his family to warm up to her, he would constantly encourage his then-girlfriend to visit his family.

Over time, Tan shared that his family eventually accepted her upon finding out that she’s “intelligent, kind, extremely caring and considerate, and polite”.

Dinner after dinner, conversation after conversation they got to feel Edna’s genuineness. They then gave Clarence the green light.


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