Alex Gonzaga Cleared The Issue ABout Her Cutting The Line Of A Pregnant Woman In Immigration.

Actress-host Alex Gonzaga was called out by a netizen on Twitter last Monday, September 9, after the latter’s friend posted on Facebook that the actress tried to cut her in the immigration queue at the airport.

On Twitter, a netizen called out Alex and shared a screenshot of her friend’s Facebook status where she accused the host of cutting the line while at the immigration.


The Facebook user posted: “Alex Gonzaga just tried to cut me at the queue. What’s with entitled Filipino celebrities lol.”

The actress denied the accusations and recounted her side of the story. According to Alex, a new counter opened and she and her senior citizen parents were invited to form a new line.

Alex explained, “Fyi: Nagbukas ng new counter ‘yung immigration, my mom and dad (senior citizens) were invited to form a new line. We thought she was with the elders in front of us coz sila na ang queue. Nagpaalam pa kami pumayag sila. Mommy ko ang nauna bigla niya sinabi siya daw dapat, we let her.”

Alex said there were no fuss or issues during the incident. She also added that they were not in a hurry and had no reason to cut in line at all.


Alex later posted a series of tweets, explaining what took place during the said incident.

She wrote: “Sa totoo lang kaya ko sya naaalala kasi nabastusan ako sa ginawa nya dahil habang kausap ng mommy ko at yung dalawang matanda dahil nagpapaalam sya basta dumaan sa gitna friend mo at nagsabi sya daw dapat. Tinanong pa ng daddy ko sino daw yung dahil nagulat sila.”

“I wish i could talk to the lady who was infront of us in the immigration. She knew what happened. My mom was very polite and even asked her if she could go through the other counter. When she was about to cross the yellow lane the lady cut my mom and said siya dapat,” Alex added.

After explaining her side, she then decided to drop the issue and wrote: “My mom let her pass. There was no issue. Nakakalungkot kailangan nya palakihin. Anyway, i said my piece. Off to positivity and enjoy my trip.”


As of now, the netizen has not answered back. Alex then told her followers to remain positive despite the issue.


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