Former OFW Surprised By her Syrian Employer By giving Her a NEW HOUSE.

Nowadays, overseas Filipino workers or not, we barely see employers who truly care for their employees. This is because most think that they’re much better than their employees, that they’re the employer and their employees are just someone whom they paid for, that they don’t feel obliged to befriend them or what. But not this Syrian employer.

A Syrian blogger, known for his The Hungry Syrian Wanderer YouTube channel surprises one of his employees in YOLO Bubble Milktea, who was a former OFW in Kuwait.


At first, he organized a surprise party for his employee, Angel.

The Syrian, together with his Filipino accomplices went to Red Ribbon Bakeshop to get a birthday cake for Angel.


They also got some balloons, two gallons of Ice Cream (Cookies and Cream and Rocky Road) and ordered two buckets of Chicken Joy from Jollibee.

They lighted the candles before going to the shop. Angel was speechless when she saw them coming towards her while singing happy birthday.

The Syrian employer funnily adviced his employees to slice it into small-sized and sliced a big-sized for him.


A normal, grateful employer would have stopped there, but this Syrian employer exceeds the expectation of everyone. He did not only gave Angel a surprised birthday but bought her a condo type apartment also. He did this not only because he’s thankful for the services Angel had given to his shop but also for Angel to stay in the Philippines for good. He knew that a lot of Filipinos sacrifice so much, go abroad to work, to help family’s here in the Philippines, and Angel was one of them. So to make Angel more comfortable here in the Philippines and do not want to go abroad again, he makes her life much easier. He bought her an apartment which only five minutes away from his shop and also plans to purchase things for the apartment. There’s only one great value that this Syrian employer wants us to realize from his kind act.


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