Swerte Niya! Lalaki Na Bumili ng Gamit sa Ukay Nakakuha ng Malaking Halaga

What do you do when a wallet full of money suddenly comes into the palm of your hand? This lucky guy named Wan Mohamad Adam Wan Mohamed is an entrepreneur and owns a clothing store in Kampung Tualang Salak, Kelantan, Malaysia. He buys used clothes for resale in her store.

He was surprised by his choice of bundles of clothes worth only $24 or Php1,200 with a hidden luck. The bundle of clothes has a purse full of cash worth 450,000 yen worth RM16,800 or $ 4150. With his large sums he wants to use it to grow his business and others to keep it as a sign of his unforgettable experience.


Several netizens told Mohamad to look for the owner and return the money while some were only surprised by his good fortune. You never know when luck will come, in Mohamad’s case it happened somewhere that you would never have thought you would find hidden luck.

His shop is said to be dirty and smelly but there are many useful things that can be bought and used. Many shoppers at the ukay are finding signature and branded items such as bags, clothes, shoes and even accessories. So don’t just ignore the carpentry business even artists sometimes shop here.


Mohamad’s story is not only an inspiration but it is a story that has come as a surprise to many as he has made a profit on the buyers of his ukay-ukay store. In this case he wants to use it in a good way to grow his business.


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