Buti pa siya! Dayuhan Hinangaan Dahil sa Nakitang Mag isang Naglilinis sa Dalampasigan ng Dipolog

A facebook post from Jovi Mora has now gone viral. Featuring a man who is cleaning the bay of Dipolog city

The caption says, ” Just met these man this morning at boulevard of Dipolog City named SIMO AALTONEN from Finland and he’s cleaning the bay guyz!!


This seems to be a slap in the face for our Filipinos because another man from another country has chosen to cleanse our own environment than us. According to a report by CNN Philippines after it went viral some of our fellow citizens have been following his trend.

Simo Aaltonen can be seen wearing a t-shirt and taking his trash collection, such as plastic bottles, styro, rubber slippers and more. In the other picture can be seen a few sacks of garbage he collected.


At this event many netizens were pleased and praised for the work of such a foreigner. Here are some of their comments;

“We’ll met this afternoon with zemoe so that he can claim his prize from me”

“Btaw bai. Nindot kau ato lugar dapat ampingan. Samot nana dulungin mentras wa pajud mahugaw kau.”


“Job well done. Sana all naay pakialam sa palibot. Dili sa kinabuhi sa uban jejeje just saying. Para puslan pud atuang kusog”

“Makaulaw man tito. Ang foreigner pa ang naglimpyo sa kalat dha. Unsa nalang gyud ikaingon sa ubang nasud nato?”


To date Jovi has more than 20 thousand shares and over ten thousand reactions. If in Manila Bay we are able to unite why not all the coastline of the Philippines. May it serve as a catalyst for us and our government to love our environment.

Check out his post:

Just met these man this morning at boulevard of Dipolog City named SIMO AALTONEN from Finland and he's cleaning the bay guyz!!!💪🏊👬

Posted by Jovi Mora on Thursday, September 12, 2019


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