Sharon Cuneta Expressed Her Feelings Towards Her Daughter KC Concepcion On A Lenghty Instagram Post

There’s no love like a mother’s, Her heart is filled with care.

Just like the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, While she appreciated the sweet birthday message her daughter KC Concepcion gave her, she asked her to “come back” and to not keep her distance from her family.


On Instagram on January 9, Sharon shared 3 Instagram posts, each with long captions detailing her message for KC.

She shared a screenshot of KC’s Instagram birthday greeting to her, saying “thank you for posting this,”

According to the Megastar, she would’ve loved it if KC made it to ASAP — admitting she felt emotional because her eldest daughter wasn’t there.

“My dearest Kristina, thank you for posting this. I would have loved it most if I could have had a tight hug and heard a ‘Happy Birthday, my Mama. I love you.’ Or a beautiful heartfelt card like those you used to write to me. Or a phone call. I even would’ve settled for a private text message. But I guess this came after my birthday celebration on A.S.A.P. last Sunday when I became more emotional because you, my eldest, weren’t there,” she wrote.


She admitted that she was emotional because she wasn’t there during her birthday bash and further shared not knowing of her whereabouts. She expressed, “I follow you on IG of course, but as your Mama, I wish I didn’t have to find out where you are or what you’re doing at the same time as the public does.”

Sharon, as a mother, felt that her eldest has been distancing herself from them which ultimately saddened her. She missed the holidays to be with them, her family.

She then went on by sharing how much she misses the kind of closeness that the two of them once had.

What can you say?


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