KC Concepcion Calls out a netizen In a classy way!

KC Concepcion has mastered the art of staying cool under relentless negative attacks from her bashers.

KC showed her followers that she can deal with online tyrant in a classy way.


Just recently, an intriguing post from her mother Sharon Cuneta made noise online as it was stated there that she’s been distancing herself from them and that her mother was asking her to go home. This is after she failed to appear during Sharon’s birthday bash and only greeted her through a social media post.

And now, despite getting away from the limelight, her fans and supporters remained. Through Instagram, people were still able to get updated about the happenings in her life. In a post, she shared something that people should watch out this February 8. It is called “KC Diaries” and people were speculating that this could be her official YouTube channel.


In the comment section of her post, someone called her Plastic, Tabatsoy, Mukhang Bakla

But KC responds in a classy way.

“Ok. Thank u. 5 seconds palang yan ah. dami mo nang energy magtrabaho sa pang babash 😂”


Moreover, some netizens reacted to how KC handled the rude basher. Here are some of their comments.

“My gosh! are you out of your mind? or sadyang may mental condition grabe ka kasi magsalita kala mo kung sino kang perfect”


“grabe! Di maganda yan gingawa mo. Siguro lahat ng sinsabi mo ikaw yan.”

” God bless your soul ! You’re full of bitterness and hatred , you need GOD in your life ..Pray for your soul !!”

Despite what happened, KC’s loved ones and friends are in full support about her decision to vlog like her dad, Gabby Concepcion.

KC has been under the spotlight this week after her mom, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, they have an ongoing rift.

What can you say?


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