Mariel Padilla shares the reason why her husband Robin Padilla refuse to get her pregnant again

It’s not easy for a woman like Mariel Padilla to bear a child.

Part of Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla’s story is her struggle with pregnancy. Before Isabella, Robin’s other half had several heartbreaking stillbirths.


Despite longing for more kids, Mariel Padilla says her husband, actor Robin Padilla, does not want her pregnant because she goes through much.

As a mother diagnosed with APAS, she has to go through daily medication by vaccination, injecting herself with Herapin twice a day every day, just to keep her unborn babies safe and healthy.


“Is it painful? A little. Is it worth it? Definitely,” she said in a recent Instagram post.

She does not mind the pain that comes with it because, for her, it is a small price to pay in exchange to be a mother.

Aside from APAS, Mariel also has polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS that means her ovaries have cysts, which may be difficult for her to be pregnant.


Her complications made her husband Robin Padilla worried that is why as much as possible, he is okay with Mariel not getting pregnant.

“These are the reasons why Robin doesn’t want me pregnant because I go through so much. But for me it is a small price to pay because in exchange I get to mother one of God’s greatest creation,” she said.


She ended her post with an uplifting message to all mothers who are undergoing the same thing she is. “This is a message for all the women who are trying… don’t give up. One day God will bless you with His greatest gift. Believe. It may be a difficult painful journey but it will happen. Remember nothing worth having comes easy. Sending lots of baby dust your way.”

Before conceiving Isabella, Mariel suffered two stillbirths in 2015. Although she had no difficulty conceiving, she had a hard time carrying the pregnancy to term.

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