Ellen Adarna Claps Back at bashers accusing her having a “happy happy” time and not helping people in need during self-quarantine

Ellen Adarna has been on home quarantine since last week as a safety precaution after returning from an overseas trip.

Ellen Adarna just recently returned in public’s sight after three years of being in hiatus.


Ellen together with her former partner John Lloyd Cruz decided to leave the showbiz and live a simple and private life.

Ellen appears to have regained her slim figure after becoming a first-time mom in 2018.


Apparently, Ellen is now under home self-quarantine since she arrived a week ago from Bali, Indonesia.

Ellen went to Bali to undergo mental training to help her in her battle with depression.

This means that she will have to spend more time away from her family members and loved ones.


SHE may be on forced home quarantine due to the C0VID-19 threat but, it didn’t stop her.

On Instagram on Sunday, Ellen shared photos of herself sporting in a black bikini while soaking up the summer sun on the balcony of her good friend in Cebu.


It is known to the public that Ellen is coming from a wealthy family.

That is why some netizens accused her of not helping the people in need in this dire time.

Some haters messaged her, as per her statement, indicating that she’s just being “happy, happy” and not doing anything to help other people.

As a clap back to the false accusation thrown against her, Ellen shared a screenshot conversation with Baste Duterte.

She stated that Baste messages her and asked if one of their establishments in Davao can accommodate persons under investigation.

To which she immediately agreed upon which is basically already a help.

One of the establishment business owned by Adarna family Queensland used for PUI’s in Davao City.

What can you say about this?


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