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CREATIVITY LVL 99: Bahay Kubo Outside But Modern House Inside

When it comes to designing our home, we are usually picky as we want our house to look nice.

But have you seen a house that looks an old style outside but moder inside? If not, here’s one for you!


Recently, one netizen uploaded photos of her Bahay Kubo turned into modern house.

Bahay Kubo or Nippa Hut has been kown in the Philippines as the ancestor’s style of houses back then.


But who would have thought that this kind of material can still be used today?

This was the style and design of a family who decided to make their home looks like this.

In a Facebook post of a netizen named John Paul Cortes Lamoste, he uploaded photos of the said incredible house.


If you will look from outside, you will assume that the entire structure is made of nippa hut. But this will give you a big surprise inside.

On the other hand, the inside style of rhe house is made of cement walls and tiles floor. It is simple yet so clean to see.


Their restroom was also tiles, and so the rooms. Moreover, it is obviously not finish with the decors and stuffs.

According to the caption, they will soon move to this new home of theirs.

Meanwhile, this draws the attention of netizens and were also amazed with how the house was planned.

A place we call home. Thank you Lord sa pag guide aron mahuman ni… 😇Soon to transfer 🙏

Posted by John Paul Cortes Lamoste on Saturday, July 4, 2020


Written by adMin

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