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Former Street Child Is Now A Millionaire In America!

We really love to hear inspiring and success stories! What a wonderful thing it is when someone achieved something in their life.

In the midst of pandemic like this, it is a good thing if we will hear something good.


To give you one, here’s an inspirational story of this former street child who was abandoned by his own parents.

He is Fernando Kuehnel who unexpectedly fixed his messy life in America!


According to the source, Fernando was left behind together with his siblings when was only six years old. Until now, they didn’t know the reason of their parents.

And because they only go into the streets, the department of child welfare took them to orphange. He shared that their lives weren’t easy as they were bull1ed.

With this, he had to escape and chose to roam around the streets and scavenge as a living.


At the age of 10, he was forced to go back to the orphanage when he found out that his siblings are getting adopted and will be brought to America.

“So, they were gonna be adopted, just the two of them, and then one kid ran away from the orphanage looked for me, he said: Your brothers [are] gonna go and get adopted, so better go back, so I went back… I’m not stupid, right? I came back,” he said.


Their adoptive parents took good care of them and send them to school. They were also sent to ESL or English as Second Language.

But now, he is now a clinical scientist in Novartis and even wrote a book about his life journey.

What an amazing story it is!


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