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Fastfood Crew Gave Free Meal To An Old Man Who Walked 8 Days To Find A Job

We really love reading inspiring stories in the internet. Specially in tjis time that we need good things to go out in our day.

To give you something to hope for, here’s as story that will touch your heart.


In a Facebook post that went viral, one netizen uploaded photos of an old man who happened to bought in a same fastfood chain he was in to.

According to the post, an old man entered the fastfood chain shaking as he loos tired and hungry. He then approached the counter and ordered a rice and a cup of water.


The old man then sat to the table next to the netizen who shared the story. The said netizen saw the old man shaking and slowly eating a rice.

He then felt pity for the old man so he decided to buy a meal for him. But as he gets back the old man, he is already eating a complete meal.

It turns out that a crew of the fastfood restau gave him a free meal. So the netizen decided to give the meal he bought for the old man to take it out.


He was able have a little chat with the old man and he noticed that Tatay finds it hard to talk.

In the comment section, someone commented that Tatay came from Nueva Ecija and walked 8 days to go to Pampanga in a hope to look for a job.


The staff of a fast food restaurant in Pampanga gave free food to man who only ordered a cup of rice and water….

Posted by Philippine Star on Friday, July 31, 2020

Meanwhile, this makes netizens sad and touched as the same time as the crew and the uploader gave the old man a free meal.

If this doesn’t touch you, I don’t what will.


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