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Online Seller Proudly Shared Her Modern House Out of Her Income In Online Business

It is safe to say that everyone of us dream of having our own home. The one that we can call our own.

But in reality check, not everyone is lucky enough to buy a house and slot in a snap. Most of the people needed to go a lot of hardships to earn and save.


This seems to be the story of this online seller who worked really hard to save up for her family.

Let us all meet Rica Detiquez who proudly shared one of her biggest milestone in her life.


Since her college days, Rica decided to sell things like clothes, make-up and even the hit Graham Balls. Her mom is also an online seller so she got the influence from her mom.

Until she graduated and found a decent job, Rica still decided to continue her online selling.

In a Facebook post, she shared her journey upon reaching her goals. Rica spent her time talking to her customers.


Actually, she became a reseller and a distributor of a known beauty products. From this, she was able to save a lot and slowly turns her dream house into reality.

She has now her own modern house that even has a terrace. It looks clean and modern outside as she uploaded glimpse of her home.


Truly, what you reap is what you sow!


Written by adMin

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