Carmina Villaroel reveal her past with Piolo Pascual, ‘Muntik nang maging kami’

Carmina Villaroel reveals something about her and Piolo Pascual.

Carmina’s revelation about her past with Piolo Pascual immediately became the talk of the town.


Recently, Carmina held a  live birthday stream.

One of those who greeted the Kapuso star was her longtime friend Piolo Pascual and this surprised Carmina.


“Serious ba ‘to? Ang guwapo nga nito, pantasya nga ng bayan! Uy sobrang natouch ako, talaga, thank you,” Carmina quipped.

According to Carmina, she is very close with Piolo.

Because of their closeness, Carmina revealed that she and Piolo Pascual almost became a couple.


“Close tayo, sa super close nga muntikan na maging kami,” she revealed.

“Ito kasi eh kulang na lang ako lumigaw diyan eh,” Carmina explained.


Piolo then quipped that even though they didn’t end up as a couple the two important people in their lives continue their supposed journey.

But then Piolo jokingly added, “Pero dapat tayo, ‘di ba? Umamin ka!”

Piolo then shared that one of his fondest memories with the birthday girl was when they had a group date with his Kuya and Carmina’s best friend, Tessie.

“My sister-in-law who gave my brother two beautiful kids who are now 18 or 19 and they’re all grown-up na. We had a double date,” he said.

While Carmina laughed at the memory saying it was only a friendly date.

“So, we had a group date of some sort, Okay na ba ‘yun, Mins?” Piolo added.

Piolo then continue saying, “They ended up as a couple. They ended up together. So ‘yun, I think tayo ‘yung naging tulay.”

“If not for us, they wouldn’t be able to meet each other and be husband and wife.”

Watch their video below:

What can you say about this? Are you also surprised by their revelation about their past?


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