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Raffy Tulfo understands what actor John Regala is going through, saying he’ll continue to help the latter in any way he can

Raffy Tulfo understands what actor John Regala is going through.

John Regala features again in a new episode of Raffy Tulfo’s program.

Regala bursts into tears and gets emotional while apologizing to veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo.

He issued an emotional apology to Raffy amidst the controversy involving the former’s celebrity friends – Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro, and Aster Amoyo.


His celebrity friends recently announced that they have decided to no longer provide assistance to John, who has liver cirrhosis, due to the latter’s uncooperative behavior regarding his medical treatment.

Amid this, the YouTube channel “Raffy Tulfo in Action” has shared the video footage of the Pinoy actor apologizing to Raffy Tulfo over his uncooperative behavior regarding his medical treatment.

“Sir Tulfo, ako’y nahihiya dahil kayo ang tumutulong kaysa kayo po ang tinutulungan, pasensya na po kayo,” Regala started.

“Ang inyo pong tulong ay nandito po sa aking puso, he continue.

He then apologized for being involved in the controversy with some of his friends in showbiz.

After hearing the apology, Raffy responded by assuring him that he will continue to help him any way he can.


As for Raffy, he assured John that he will continue to assist him and that he understands if he is being uncooperative as a patient.

Raffy explained that a few of his loved ones, including his father, were also uncooperative and stubborn when they were suffering from severe illnesses.

However, he also urged John to religiously take all of the medications given to him by his doctors.

Watch the video below:



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