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LOOK: Virtual House Tour of Derek Ramsay On His New Resort Like Mansion

Derek Ramsay lets his fans see his new resort-like safe haven and we all want to pay a visit!

In a virtual house tour of Derek during his interview in Unang Hirit, he lets everyone take a sneak peek on his newly built home.

In the said video, you will immediately notice that rhe bouse is big enough as it has a swimming right in front of the sliding door. If you will stand in the living area, you get to see everything from there.

The house has high ceiling adding to the feelibg that you can move around freely. The artworks and amazing paintings in the walls are also noticeable.


His living area has a black couch with a special design. From there, you can enjoy the view of the swimming pool.

As revealed by the actor, the house has six bedrooms including his. He also has his own gym and another entertainment room.

Derek said that he wants his parents to live with him already because they are growing old now and he wants to take care of them.

Funny enough, Derek’s room is not yet done and he jokingly said that he has no bed at all. But as seen in the video, other rooms are now complete.


He shared that he worked really hard for this and his girlfriend Andrea Torres is a big part of it.

As amazing as it looks like, we all wanna want a one night stay on Derek’s new safe haven.


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