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The Infamous Alcatraz Prison of Dan Francisco That Was Built In 1940s

Are you also fond of watching interesting documentaries? If yes, here’s one interesting historical prison of the world.

Have you ever heard of the Alcatraz prison? Well, this prison is sitting in the middle of shark infested ocean. This used to hold high profile prisoners.

Moreover, the prison itself was specially designed to hold high profile inmates and to stop them from escaping.

To give you the chills, here’s a virtual tour of the said infamous prison.


Before you can reach the Alcatraz itself, you need to ride a bug boat as the current of the sea is strong enough to swept small boats away. It is also said to be full of sharks.

From the breeze to the water, it is cold enough to stop someone from diving into the water. You will also need to walk up the hill.

The first photo shows the huge shower room, which was an open area so that inmates who are taking shower can be highly supervised.

There were originally 348 cells in this facility and other areas inside are off limits as said to be something paranormal.


Most cells are highly preserved and not open to enter by the public to keep what it looks like from before up until now. Some photos show the paper mache that prisoners made to fake that they are alseep in their beds.

There was one history of said to be prisoners who managed to escape. It was called the battle of Alcatraz as some were k*lled upon the escape.

There were four inmates who escaped and two of them were brothers. There was a photo of them in Brazil and said to lived their lives freely.

Some parts of the prison were the laundry are and hospital ward which are said to be hunted.

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Here are the photos inside the Alcatraz:


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