Angelica Panganiban hilariously took a bathroom break during her live online show

Angelica Panganiban is definitely hilarious!

She took the word ‘LIVE’ to another level when she took a bathroom break during an online live show of “Ask Angelica.”

“Pwede ba akong umihi” blurted out Angelica. Kean then asked “iihi ka?” to which Angelica said “naiihi talaga ako.”

What happened next blew the mind of everyone.


She was already peeing and could not leave the people in her digital show “#AskAngelica” so she just brought the laptop to the bathroom.

She put it on the side that she could see up to her chest so the viewers knew what she was doing.

In other words, she took everyone to the bathroom while she is taking a pee. Everyone was laughing hard and could not believe what Angelica did.

When Angelica finished, she stood up a bit and obviously lifted her underwear still laughing out loud.


“Make sure you flush the toilet and close the cover,” Via one of her guests said.

“And wash your hands,” her other guests Muriel added.

Angge was seen flushing the toilet and also washing her hands.

Glaiza then burst out laughing as she watches her “amiga”. And there, Angelica is back to zoom again.

Her video then elicits mixed reactions from netizens.

Here are some of their comments:

“I love Ange, so genuine. Pag-pray po kita na magka-fam na.”

“Bravo.. AskAngelica nakakagiliw”

“Dami q tawa sa bawat episode ng ask Angelica, God bless you angge”

“angelica can own the show without a co-hosts…angelica is enough na actually to interview her guest..”

. andami kong tawa. 🤣 ansaya!!”

“Umihi talaga lokaret madam angge”

Watch her hilarious video below:

Angelica is undoubtedly beautiful and so fun to watch always.

Do you agree with that?


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