Barbie Imperial trends anew after posting an intimate photo with famous vlogger Anthony Leodenes

Barbie Imperial’s latest photo caught the attention of many netizens.

Anthony Leodones is just one of the Youtubers of today’s generation.

He was first known on Facebook where he usually posts funny videos that were then called “vines.”

Anthony and his girlfriend Jamie became an online couple sensation as they love to post sweet messages back then.


At first, they were in a long-distance relationship because Anthony stayed in Japan for a while. Even Jamie followed him there but they eventually went back here.

Now that they are both known on social media, it can’t be denied that even some of the celebrities know them.

As a matter of fact, Barbie Imperial got to notice Anthony on Facebook. It looks like Anthony has a big crush on Barbie.

He even made Barbie as his wallpaper and he said Barbie notice him after sharing his post.


”May iPhone 12 ka lang may Barbie ako…” Anthony wrote in his caption.

Barbie shares his post and with a caption “Kilig naman ako Anthony”.

Anthony commented in her post telling “SO KELAN TAYO MAG MEMEET CHAR” and Barbie repied “Anthony Leodones kelan ka ba pwede?”.

This sparked multiple reactions to netizens and avid followers of Anthony and Jamie. And of course, this would make Jamie wage another war against Anthony’s antics.

And just recently, to added fuel to the fire, Barbie posted a photo with Anthony.

It seems like they having a kissing scene.

“First time to work with Anthony Leodones 🥰 Grabe kissing scene agad!!! ❤️,” she wrote in her caption alongside their photo.

Apparently, the photos were edited as it has a watermark saying, “Edited by Jeffrey Belbad Salut.”

However, many netizens commented that it really sparks a war between Anthony and Jamie.

Your thoughts on this?


Written by aDmiN

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