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Derek Ramsay confirms break up with Andrea Torres, saying there’s no third party involved

Derek Ramsay on Thursday confirmed his breakup with his co-star and girlfriend of one year, Andrea Torres.

It is after days of rumors spurred by the actress un-following him on social media.

On Instagram, Derek responded to a follower who said that there might be something wrong with Andrea. The commenter compared Derek and Andrea’s relationship to the one he had with his ex-girlfriend, Joanne Villablanca.

The commenter wrote, “Ano ba kayo 1 year lang sila ni Andrea samantala ‘yong past n’ya 6 years lahat bakit ganon kadali kay Andrea something is wrong with Andrea wag ‘nyo isisi kay Derek lahat ‘yong past n’ya 6 years.

Derek responded, saying no one was to blame.

“Please don’t point the finger at anyone. There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman,” the actor wrote.

He also emphasized there was no third party to blame for the breakup.

“There is no third party!” the actor emphasized.

“The breakup has happened so fast. Maybe two people are just not meant to be,” he said.

The actor also asked his followers to just give them respect.

“We shared our love to all of you sana naman we can keep this to ourselves,” Derek said. “Mahal ko si Ada kaya di ako magsasalita pero if I hear lies about her I will defend her.”

As recently as September 2020, the former couple appeared to be on good terms, and in fact agreed in an interview that they were “ready” to get married. They also have a shared YouTube channel, dubbed “Andrek,” whose most recent episode was released in October.

As of writing, Torres has yet to issue a statement about the breakup.

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