Ivana Alawi’s former bestfriend reveal something about her true personality

Ivana Alawi is now on the hot seat.

It is after an old friend of hers reveals something about her alleged true personality.

Ivana Alawi is one of the fastest-rising stars in the Philippine showbiz industry today. The 23-year-old actress rose to popularity for her sultry selfies on Instagram. But aside from her pretty face and charisma, fans have also grown to admire Ivana for her kindness and generosity. Ivana is never afraid to show her true personality in her vlogs.

However, it seems like not all people agree with this. There are some people who believed that Ivana might not be who she truly seems. Among them is her former friend, who recently spoke out against the popular vlogger. In a video, Jeline claimed that she used to be friends with Ivana Alawi, also known as Mariam before.


In the video, aside from sharing their best friend’s journey, Jeline also stated that Ivana suddenly change.

It is allegedly because of her sudden fame.

Jeline said that when Ivana is not that famous, they both dreamt of becoming a celebrity.

She also said that since then Ivana’s dream is to become a famous actress, she’s also the breadwinner in her family.


To prove that they are really friends before, Jeline also shows some photos of her together with Ivana.

There are also some photos that Ivana’s sister Mona is with them.

Jeline also stated some changes in Ivana’s figure and looks.

She said that she’s so surprised when Ivana suddenly had a bigger chest that keeps her wondering how it has done so quickly.

Jeline even said that Ivana also made some veneers to made her teeth look beautiful.

And after that, Ivana got her dream come true, to enter the world of showbiz.

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