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Pregnant Girlfriend of Nik Makino Shows Receipts Nik Having Affair With Other Girls

Nik Makino is in boiling waters again right now. This time, it is about her personal life.

This singer rapper only rose to fame because of his song Neneng B. Ever since, many are criticizing him for his explicit contents and even got issued of the copyright for its music video.

After this, Nik has a lot of bashers in the music world. It looks like that he will receive more hate right now after her pregnant girlfriend revealed his true colors.

On Instagram, his girlfriend Kate Lim, who is 8 months pregnant as of this publishing, uploaded a video showing the rapper with two other girls.


The said video shows Nik laying in bed in the middle of two other girls.

”Napaka linis. Nakagitna sa dalawang babae nice. Sana sinabe mo sa babaeng yan na nagkatulo ka dahil sa kanya?” Kate wrote in the caption.

“Buhatin mo bangko mo. Wag mo ba idamay anak ko…” she first wrote saying that Nik borrowed the motorcycle of her brother even it is not allowed to be used with the broken side mirror.

Kate went on saying that she waited for him to get home until he got back 3 in the morning, drunk.


On the other hand, Nik also added on his Instagram story saying that he wants to leave the house of his girlfriend.

While Kate has another proof that he is not being “kawawa” on her side as her family even side with him. She shows a screenshot of a conversation with her friend ranting about her family.

In the end, she said that she wants a peaceful and simple life. While she finally threw Nik out of their house.

As of now, Nik set his Instagram to private while Kate is still bravely speaking for her truth.


Written by aDmiN

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