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Mystica Calls The Staffs of Owe My Love Liars, Release Proof On Her Vlog

Mystica is doing a lit of fuzz again right now on social media. It is after her issues with the management of Owe My Love.

It all started when the lock-in taping of Owe My Live started in a private resort in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Recently, the management and staffs of Owe My Love clarified all the allegations of Mystica.

Regarding the claimes of the actress that she was m!streated by the staffs, they said that there is no truth on Mystica’s claims against them. They said that they informed the latter for the lock-in taping.


Prior to their scheduled lock-in taping, all the artists were firstly informed about the lock-in the room  arrangements they will have.

After all of this, Mystica did not have any concerns. She entered the lock-in taping on November 16.

In regards of the room sharing with her co-star Kiray Celis, she was also informed in advance.

While the food service that Mystica also opened up, they clarified that she was not “taken for granted.” As part of the house rule, the food is usually brought to the area where artists were on standby.


Moreover, Mystica also broke the program’s safety protocols last November 22 when she told the guards of the resort to allow her son to drive inside the resort premises.

To which it resulted when the management decided to ask Mystica to leave the lock-in taping on November 23. She totally breached the safety protocols.

On the other hand, Msytica belied all these accusations on her latest vlog. She even uploaded some proofs she have telling everyone that she is telling the truth.

Mystica said that she has all the screenshots from their group chat. Regarding the breakfast, she said that she hadn’t mentioned it, they will not remember to give her food.

Aside from this, she also claimed that the place is full of pee. Mystica also included the number of the staffs.


Written by aDmiN

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