Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia respond to unsolicited advice of a netizen on baby care

First-time parents Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia respond to a basher meddling on their baby.

Recently, Coleen Garcia posted a video of Baby Amari on Instagram.

Which shows the little one being swaddle.

Apparently, a netizen took the time time to comment and give the parents unsolicited advice.


This did not sit well with Coleen and Billy who have been taking really good care of Amari, reiterating that there is nothing wrong with swaddling.

The actress said that the netizen should focus on her baby.

“With all due respect, use your mother’s instinct on your child. Not mine. That’s how it works. I never asked for your advice, and I think we’re doing pretty good without it. Feel free to unfollow and stop looking at my posts if they bother you so much,” Coleen wrote.

Billy, on the other hand, said, “This is our child, not yours. Worry about yours and let us worry and deal with our child. We are the ones with him 24/7. No disrespect here just saying sometimes it’s better to mind your business than to put your nose into everything.”


He also said that his wife is doing an amazing job of raising their son.

“My wife is doing an amazing job raising our son. I salute and admire my love @coleen Don’t pay attention to these clowns. It’s God, you, me, and Amari that’s it!”

The actor then quipped to let them raise baby Amari as the parents of their own.

Meanwhile, the said Instagram user has deactivated her account as many fans of the couple came rushing in the comment section.

Some said that commenters should educate themselves first before making unsolicited opinions.

What can you say about this?


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