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Sister of Lloyd Cadena Exposes Real Colors of BNT Boys

It has been months since the sudden passing of late Youtuber Lloyd Cadena. All of his friends, relatives and even celebrities mourned for his demise.

Lloyd was considered as “one of the pioneers of Youtube vlogging” in our country.

During his days, many of his fans loved him and even called him as their Queen Lloyd Cafe Cadena. With him having a good heart of always helping his friends and other people.

Speaking of which, we also know that he made a group called BNT or Bakla Ng Taon. Lloyd also made their own Youtube channel, BNT Production.


During the time that the vlogger recently passed away, the BNT made a tribute video and uploaded it on Youtube.

The video shows how Lloyd started and how he helped them to have their own incomes. BNT gave the viewers a roller coaster ride of emotions. They deeply thanked Lloyd for creating their group.

However, three months after Lloyd was gone, her sister Suzette Cadena revealed something about BNT.

It seems like she has a deep emotion for the group.


As we are all aware of, Lloyd was the master mind on why BNT was created. He treated them like his family, his own children as a matter of fact.

But recently, some revelationf of Suzette draws attention of many.

One netizen asked if Lloyd has ever received a percentage from the earnings of BNT videos.

Suzzette said that Lloyd didn’t had any percentage and he was the one who gave them money during their birthdays.

She also revealed that BNT didn’t even gave flowers during the wale of her brother.

This then draws attention and had different comments from netizens. They said that Lloyd help them will all his heart without expecting in return.

Does Suzzette revealed their true colors?


Written by ADMin

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