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Wife of April Boy Regino Emotionally Laid Her Husband In Eternal Rest

Madelyn Regino, the wife of late OPM singer Apirl Boy Regino emotionally waved her final goodbye to the latter.

Yesterday, Decmeber 6, April Boy Regino was finally laid on his new paradise.

In a live video that a Jazz Pher Justo shared on Facebook, he was there during the final interment of April Boy.

At the beginning of the video, he showed the final moments of the wake. One table was shown which hold the albums and awards of the OPM singer.


The family members and friends of him also took last photos with him as their last remembrance. After this, his remains was finally put into the ‘karo.’

There are a lot of fans in the wake trying to see him for the last time. As a matter of fact, some even took a long drive from Marikina to Antipolo, Rizal.

As the live video goes on, they took a 5 kilometers drive and arrived at Valley of Sympathy Memorial Park in Antipolo. The staffs were strictly following the orders.

They have an exclusive lists of family members who can enter the premises for the final interment of April Boy. His fans patiently watched him laid on the ground from afar.


The family members then were all emotional saying their last message for the lost loved one. Specially Madelyn who painfully cried her eyes out.

Madelyn also thanked all their friends and relatives who visited them during the wake. She said that she is so sure that her husband is happy to see them remembering him.

Rest eternally, April Boy Regino!


Written by ADMin

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