Xyriel Manabat Classy Response To Basher Point Out Her Bra Foam

Xyriel Manabat has been the talk of the town for a almost months now.

It is after many netizen are making her glow up transformation as a big issue.

Since Xyriel has been posting her photos, many netizens are commenting below the belt and some are even objecting her to s*xual matters.

Moreover, it looks like that the 16-year-old actress can’t post what she wants without receiving hate comments now.


Previously, she already slammed netizen who blamed her for getting inappropriate comments on her photos.

Xyriel already talked about this matter during her interview with Darla Sauler. She said that she doesn’t tolerate any kinds of this comments.

After that netizen she slammed, another one commented again pointing out the foam of her bra.

”Yung foam ng bra, hindi proportioned sa katawan nia. halatag halata,” the basher wrote.


As usual, this young girl really knows how to handle herself and has a classy response to her basher.

“thank you for your effort and time to make an account and comment that very meaningful and life changing comment God bless and stay safe 😘 para di po masayang paggawa niyo ng account.”

“fyi wala po akong alam na bra na di pantay ang foam its clear po that im only wearing nippietapes,” she added.

Xyriel explained that she is more comfortable wearing nipple tapes than usual bras.

The said basher was so obvious that he is a troll as he continued to diss Xyriel. While he was also bashed by the supporters of the latter.


Okay, it isn’t her fault to have this figure after all.


Written by ADMin

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