A glimpse into Allan K’s elegant, mansion-like black and white home

It may not snow in the Philippines, but that hasn’t stopped Allan K from having a white Christmas.

From rags to Riches. ‘ This is the proud statement of Allan K when he shared sneak peeks of his mansion just recently.

Allan K or Allan Quilantang in real-life hailed from Isabela, Negros Occidental. He started in Eat Bulaga where he first appeared inside the segment called “Bulagaan”.



He then started joining the teams with their bar shows and in other countries. He used to steer from Quezon City Taping office of Eat Bulaga to Antipolo City to perform inside the EB Babes’ Bebot Competition. After some time, he already owned a segment in Eat Bulaga entitled “Allan Nose Best”.


And at this time, He‘s now enjoying the fruits of his hard work.



In his Instagram account, the ‘Eat Bulaga’ host shared a glimpse of his white and black abode.

The glass slits in the house’s entrance give visitors a sneak peek inside Allan K’s house.



The comedian’s house blends modern elements with touches of rustic design accentuated by wooden furnishings. The interiors also have various details here and there that show off his colorful personality.




Upon entering the house, guests are immediately welcomed with this colorful portrait of a clown which is one of Allan K’s trademarks.



Netizens could not help but envy Allan K because of his stunning house, specifically his hotel-like bedroom.

His simple yet elegant bedroom with white-painted walls, gray and silver accents, and white flowers placed on both sides of his bed.



The rustic elements inside Allan K’s dining room give a warm and inviting feel.

The comedian’s home sparkled more than usual as choice silver and white decorations turned his pristine abode into a winter wonderland.



What can you say about Allan’s elegant abode?



Written by aDmiN

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