Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado’s son Alex Jazz is a handsome grown up boy

Alex Jazz Mercado is a heartthrob in the making.

Born on August 16, 2008, Alex Jazz is the son of Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia. Mommy Jennylyn lovingly refers to her son as Jazzy.

Pretty much everyone had a crush on Patrick Garcia in the 90s. With his dreamy boy-next-door looks, flowy hair, and acting skills beyond his age, it’s no surprise how he rose to become one of the most memorable young matinee idols of that decade.

But, it looks like there’s a new heartthrob on the rise! And it’s none other than his son, Alex Jazz.


He undoubtedly attained his good looks from his father with Jennylyn’s eyes.

With his good looks, he will inevitably become a favorite star someday if he chose to walk the same path his parents did.

According to some netizens, Alex Jazz is a split image of Patrick. However, there were those who said that he is just way more appealing, and more handsome than the former child heartthrob.

At his young age, he already knows how to pose for the camera.


Despite that things didn’t work out for Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado, they’re still glad because they were blessed with the fruit of their love.

And just recently, Jennylyn’s manager Becky Aguila posted on her Facebook page this Monday, December 7, a new photo of the mother and son.

It caught the public’s attention and interest due to Jazz’s rapid growth.

12-year-old Jazz has a teenage look now. So handsome!

He is quite a tall boy for his age according to Aguila.

Jazz is what Jennylyn considers as her inspiration, her real treasure, and the greatest blessing that comes into her life.

Good looks probably run on their genes. Do you agree?


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