Netizens React To Kim Chiu’s Wardrobe Malfunction On Her Vlog

As the Christmas is getting so close, most of us are busy decorating our Christmas Tree and putting up Christmas Lights in every corner of our house.



Amid the pandemic, we, Filipinos, will always find the way to have a bright Christmas this year. As a matter of fact, many are still putting up their Christmas Tree.



One of them is Kim Chiu who even proudly shared it on her vlog that was uploaded on her Youtube channel.

This year, the Kapamilya actress has been creating buzz online after the issues she faced. But this time, she is viral again for a different reason.




In the said vlog that Kim uploaded last November 28, she shared how she together with her staffs put up the giant Christmas Tree in her home.

The tree was standing at the end of the staircase and it was tall enough that they had to use ladder to put the stars and Christmas balls.



The camera was placed in a view that everyone pf them can be seen busy doing their part. Kim has a lit of decors that was placed on the floor as they are setting up the big tree.

From time to time, the actress needs to bend over to pick up decors on the floor. That time, she was wearing a fitted tie-knot dress.




However, it seems like Kim has forgotten something while filming his vlog. As a girl who wears a skirt or any dress, they usually put on undergarments aside from the underwear itself.



When Kim had to bend over to pick up the stuffs, she had a wardrobe malfunction as her underwear was seen on her vlog for many times.



Meanwhile, netizen took screenshots and posted it on social media.



Written by ADMin

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