Zeinab Harake emotionally announce that she’s now 5months pregnant to Skusta Clee’s baby

Zeinab Harake is pregnant! Woah!

Previously, fans and supporters of Zeinab Haraka and Skusta Clee are in awe.

It is after Daryl Ruiz most commonly known as Skusta Clee posted a photo with Zeinab.

“Oo na nga! sige na pag-fiestahan nyo na!” the caption read along with a photo of them.


Excited ZeiRyl’s fans immediately expressed their overwhelming delight about the two’s reconciliation.

As fans followed them, their relationship wasn’t good then and people saw how toxic they were to each other. Skusta kept on cheating on her while Zeinab, for a couple of times, accepted him. And in the recent vlog of Zeinab, Skusta was the surprise guest she didn’t expect. They paid this certain place for their content while Skusta was the unknown person who scares them.

The presence of her ex-boyfriend was all her sister’s plan and Zeinab’s reaction upon seeing him in that place is something that caught people’s attention. Accordingly, her smile was different and the way he hugged her in return, to the netizens, looked like he put all his emotions there.

But then again after all their relationship had gone through, there’s a surprise that made their fans so happy.


On Zeinab’s latest vlog titled her surprise for her birthday, she revealed something.

Emotionally Zeinab reveals that she is now 5months pregnant.

At the beginning of her video, she explains that she and Skusta back together last July of this year.

They just decided not to announce it in public because she wanted to stay away from stress.

As the video goes, she then shares that her pregnancy is what she prayed for.

The most and greatest gift for her birthday that she received.

Watch the video below:




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